The Marist Way


Marists are called to do the work of Mary in her name and with her spirit. 

The Marist Way is a group of lay people from our Pastoral Area (Bracknell/Wokingham/Ascot) and beyond who wish to participate in the life and mission of the Church in the “spirit of Mary”.  We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 2.30pm-4.30pm at the Marist Convent, Sunninghill, Ascot.  You are welcome to join us. For more information, contact Maura Holt through the Parish Office  (Tel 01344.425729 or
We are a family of many branches – priests, brothers, sisters and lay people. Mary was a woman who brought Jesus Christ to the world, lived a hidden life in Nazareth and was present at the birth of the Church.  We believe Mary wants to be present to the Church now – through us.  Marists believe Mary graciously chooses individuals to join her family, to do her work and to live by her spirit.

The spirit of Mary  
Mary’s life was one of prayer and action.  God’s will was her first concern; God’s interests were her only interests.  Mary was the first disciple of Jesus.  Now, she is a compassionate and merciful mother to us all.  She is all embracing; no one is excluded from her motherly love.  Mary fulfils her mission of bringing Jesus to us by teaching us to live a simple life of service, hidden and unknown, a life of humility, poverty, self-denial and ardent love of neighbour.  Those who receive the spirit of Mary are also sent on a mission to bring Jesus to others.  Lay people have a unique opportunity to evangelise the family, neighbourhood and workplace.  Lay Marists evangelise by bringing a Marian presence to the Church and to the world, by making the whole world Marist
Let them always bear in mind that they belong by gracious choice
to the family of Blessed Mary, Mother of God,
from whose name they are called Marists
and whom they have chosen as their model
and as their first and perpetual superior…
They must think as Mary, judge as Mary,
feel and act as Mary in all things…..

“The place to be Marist is where we are; the time is now”.
More information is available at the Marist Way website