Bracknell LIFE House



​The Bracknell LIFE House has kept going during the pandemic, helping mothers and babies.

Many of them have now moved on, and there are currently, in September 2020 , five mothers and one baby in the house, with one vacancy. The support workers  are coping well.

Contact LIFE HQ for more information if needed, on  01926 312272,  or ask the parish office for a local contact.

Sadly, the lottery funding for the  Bracknell LIFE House came to an end, though local government funding for one worker  has been continued .
Many thanks for the generous response  to the 2016 Lenten Alms appeal  for the  House, to help us to pay for the other vital worker’s hours.  Regular giving  even of small amounts, and any donations in the slot in the porch are  very gratefully received to enable us to offer help to unsupported mothers and babies.  

In December 2016 we are supporting 12 mothers and 13 babies, some living in the house and some in their own flats.
During 2015, 9 mothers and 11 babies were housed, and many more reassured by knowing help was available. 

Very grateful thanks for the generous gifts for mothers and babies which were given at the Christmas Mass 2014. They were greatly enjoyed and appreciated.
The LIFE house is currently full (in January 2015) with 7 mothers and 8 children.


LIFE is the largest pro-life enterprise in the UK and probably the most comprehensive and ambitious in the world because it combines advocacy and education work with a nationwide care service.  LIFE are a pro-life charity that supports anyone facing a crisis pregnancy, pregnancy loss or after an abortion, and strives to engage, inspire and inform the next generation.We do this through our three core services:

• LIFE Care consists of a network of Care Centres across the UK, a national Helpline and a text-to-talk service, offering non-directive counselling and support for anyone facing a crisis pregnancy, suffering the loss of a baby or coping after abortion. We also provide free baby clothes, equipment and other practical support to women and families in difficulty.

• LIFE Housing is one of the largest providers of accommodation for pregnant women and unsupported mothers aged between 16-25 years in the UK. Our comprehensive service offers a real, practical alternative to abortion and prepares tenants for independent living with their children in the future.

• LIFE Education works in partnership with schools to provide young people with up-to-date, evidence-based information and inspires students to think for themselves on issues such as relationships, abortion, sexual health and reproductive technologies.



Regional Manager Elaine Hall marked 20 years of working for LIFE Housing with a celebration and presentation organised by the local LIFE group at the Bracknell LIFE house on 27 June 2014. 

“We wanted to thank Elaine for all her hard work and dedication over the years,” says Head of Housing, Margaret Coward.

Tenants and Support Workers prepared the food for the presentation, which was also attended by local MP Dr Phillip Lee, who presented Elaine with her cards and gifts, thanking her and the local LIFE group for their commitment. 

Newest Addition: Scarlet Rose (born mid January 2014)

Bracknell LIFE house Update January 2014

There was a meeting on February 4th  at the LIFE house in Bracknell.
Those present were Elaine ( the Regional House Manager [email protected] )  Donna ( Bracknell support worker,  [email protected] )  and  Dominica ( Bracknell member of Reading and District LIFE  committee,  [email protected] )  and 10 interested people.

1) The House has room for 7 girls, and is  full at present. Girls stay for anything from 6 months up to two years.[See attached picture of the latest arrival , Scarlett Rose , born mid-January.] It also has office space for the support workers, including Clare, who is responsible for girls being helped by LIFE but living elsewhere. [See LIFE’s Supported Housing leaflet.]

2) LIFE has £9000  a year for the next two years from the Lottery fund towards the cost of running the house, We must raise £8000 a year from donations. They should be marked specifically “for the Bracknell house”. We are very grateful for the generous help we have already received from the four parishes  of the East Berkshire Pastoral Area of Portsmouth Catholic Diocese, LIFE HQ ought to be able to tell us how much we have already raised , and what is promised from regular donations, and when the “year” starts and finishes. 

3) Help from volunteers would be welcomed, especially in teaching practical skills such as cooking. , house-cleaning, health and safety, and possibly in befriending individual girls. Anyone alone in the house with the residents needs to be CRB checked but not during the day when a support worker is present. Anyone interested in helping should e-mail  Donna  and drop in while she is there to see how things are, and meet the girls. 

4) Donations of clothes for the girls or babies, or equipment, are welcomed if they are in excellent condition and newly cleaned. (Maybe a volunteer could look through things which are given  or offered, to save Elaine and Donna’s time?) If not wanted immediately they may be passed to LIFE charity shops or other good causes. Towels, and bedding for single beds are always useful.

5) There was a very welcome offer of help from a handyman . The house’s small garden  needs a reliable gardener, once a month in the winter, twice in the summer, preferably a volunteer, but otherwise payable by invoice (which in practice means two months in arrears).

6) An easy  method of donating online was suggested.  It is hoped that a group of young people in Ascot will help with  setting this up. 

7)  Reading and District LIFE needs a Chairman and a Secretary,  There is a meeting at 10.30 a.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at English Martyrs Church ,Reading.