CAFOD is the highly-respected Overseas Aid Agency of the Catholic Church in England & Wales – well supported by our parishioners and schools.  We help funding through the annual Harvest and Lenten Fast Days, and in emergency appeals.  On paper and on-line, we take part in campaigns for social justice, and CAFOD Portsmouth organises many related activities across the diocese. For more details visit or Should anyone want to find out more from someone in Bracknell then to contact the parish office who will put them in touch with the parish representatives

We’re delighted to share that Dermot O’Leary is supporting CAFOD’s Lent Appeal and he would love to share a short message with you.This Lent we shared the story of James the fisherman in Liberia, who risked losing everything to go out onto the water. Five fishermen a month – many he called ‘brothers’ – were dying in storms at sea. Just like him, they couldn’t afford the life jackets, compasses and other equipment needed to stay safe at sea and get a good catch.Please give generously to our Lent Appeal to help people like James the fisherman feed their families, not just for today or tomorrow, but for good.