Parish Grievance Procedure

Grievance Procedure

It can happen from time to time that a parishioner feels they have a grievance which needs to be addressed.  Although the procedures for this eventuality were drawn up in 2013, it has been impossible to find any written record.  This is a temporary record until this issue is fixed, but does nonetheless entirely contain the content and the process of the 2013 agreement.
Step 1:  If you have a grievance in any regard, it is crucial that you speak to the person with whom you have the grievance before speaking to anyone else.  If you fail to complete step one you will be sent back to it in every instance.
Step 2:  If you are unable to reach a successful conclusion to your grievance at step 1, you must bring that grievance to the Parish Priest of the parish in which you reside.
Step3:   If you are unable to achieve satisfaction at step 2, or if your grievance involves the Parish Priest of the Parish in which you reside, you must take your grievance to the Co-ordinating Pastor of the Pastoral Area in which you live.  In South Berkshire, Fr Daniel McAvoy is the Coordinating Pastor and can be contacted via the Diocesan or Parish Website.
Step 4:  If the co-ordinating pastor is unable to help you reach a successful conclusion, the grievance must then be referred to the Dean of the Pastoral Area in which you live.  The Dean for this Pastoral Area is Canon David Hopgood, who is the Parish Priest of Windsor and can be contacted via the Diocesan Website or the Parish Website.
Step 5:  If the Dean is unable to help you resolve the issue, it can then be referred to the Vicar General of the Diocese of Portsmouth.  There are two Vicar Generals, Canon Dominic Golding and Canon Michael Dennehy.  Both can be contacted on the Diocesan Website.
Step 6:  If the Vicar General is unable to help you, you can contact the Bishop of the Diocese either by letter or through the Diocesan Website.

These measures were put in place to ensure that all grievances are heard and dealt with in a professional manner.   They were also designed to protect our Bishop from spending too much time trying to resolve issues which are best resolved locally.