Father Jaya

Father Jaya Appeal

We have known Father Madanu Jaya of the Diocese of Warangal in India for some time.  He has visited us here three times.

For the last 17 years, as well as being at various times Rector of the Diocesan Seminary and Headmaster of a School, and  Director of Pastoral and Social Service Centres for a wide area,  he has provided, with our help, for the upkeep and education of children whose parents are dead or dying.  

In May 2017 Fr Jaya wrote 
  “I was very busy during lent with different programs, continued till today.  I had to keep many works away, due to hectic programs. Almost more than 50 days did not visit my home and mother.  On 12 & 13 th of this month have Fatima apparitions centenary celebration in our diocese as it is dedicated to our  lady of Fatima. In view of it, yesterday I have conducted Bible quiz competition on the diocesan level. There was very encouraging participation from all categories of people like: children , youth and Adults category. The winners will be awarded prizes on the festive day.  Tomorrow evening we have procession of the statue of our Lady of Fatima in our city and following day is the festive holy Eucharist to be celebrated by 3 bishops and all the priest working in our dioceses. It’s going to be a great event. Shall keep you all in our prayers.
 Things are going well with me. My parish is now in full of spirit. They are lifted up in their spiritual life. Our bishop comment in his recent visit to our parish on the closing day of three day Lenten convention that “St. Joseph’s parish has become model parish to our diocese. Each time that I come, I learn a lot from the activities that Fr. Jaya organises and I would always and everywhere quote your parish as role model. I long to visit your parish and awaite for an opportunity.” 
 People are happy and I love them and been giving myself completely for their spiritual growth. And your support in my ministry is great. I have entered in to 24 years of my priestly life on April 25th. 
Thanks and blessings of the Risen Lord. With love and regards ,  Fr. Jaya “

In February 2017,  Fr. Jaya wrote ” Yesterday we had a very graceful day as the relics of St. Antony of Paduva was brought to our diocese, from Rome. Many faithful visited and for whole day prayers were conducted and we had holy mass celebrated by our bishop and many priests concelebrated. I had offered special prayers for you all and all our sponsors.”   

​At the end of April he  moved to a parish called St.Joseph’s, Dharmasagar.

He writes “The people are very backward in all the areas of life, like : Education, social behaviour, below Poverty and are recent converts. As I see now, there is a lot to do with them and good scope for Evangelisation.  Please pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me in my planning of my mission and execute fruitfully, bringing Glory to God.”

About the children, he writes ” Regarding supporting education of children, shall continue do it, because it’s a special ministry taken up in the middle of 3rd year of my priesthood and I’m successfully doing it. So glad to see that some children as you know finished their education and settled in their lives.  Two of the students became Rev.Sisters (nuns) and one student a priest. Now one more student is almost nearing to priesthood as he is in the final year of Theology and four students have completed studies and I blessed their marriages.  And last year I have taken up another student who is the son of catechist, aspiring to become a Priest. And there are 18 students studying at different levels supported by our sponsorship program.”

He has also been able with our help to assist others studying for the priesthood,  and in general the poor in his area, where the cost of rice has risen dramatically  in recent years.

Some of our parishioners regularly support a child, for £150 a year.  Our two schools between them, have been helping a girl called Venela, who is doing well.

We are confident that Fr.Jaya uses every penny as carefully as possible, and, as you see, the children profit enormously from an education they would not otherwise receive.  

SPONSOR A CHILDIf you are willing to sponsor a specific named child, Father Jaya asks that you pay at least £200 and promise to continue the amount for as long as it is needed, if at all possible. Most sponsoring parishioners give £150 a year (or more) to support a child without specifying which, and, if they can, continue to do so but are in no way committed. Ask Dominica Roberts via the parish office. Cheques to PRCDTR Bracknell St. Joseph and marked “for Fr. Jaya” on the back, please.

“Date: 23 June 2016 at 04:59
Subject: Prayerful wishes from Fr. Jaya.
Am sure you are all doing well. We had terrible summer n is continuing. Still eagerly waiting for monsoon. Whole month of May we prayed so fervently to Mother Mary for timely rains. This is the 8th year that we do not have timely monsoon. We need ur prayerful support. Summer vacation is over. Children back to school. Many of students supported by us excelled in their annual examination nd promoted to higher classes “

In December 2015,  Fr. Jaya wrote:

Yesterday we had Youth Christmas celebration in my parish. Youth from 19 villages of 8  parish attended. There were nearly 350 youth.
 I  have taught them a set of hymns to be sung at Christmas mass in their respective churches. It was in the morning session. 
Then we had mass, followed by Christmas lunch. They all enjoyed meals with good chicken curry and fried rice. 
Then in the afternoon session quiz competition was conducted. Some basics n fundamentals about Advent n Christmas seasons were prepared in question n answer form. This was given to them to learn. All the groups did very well. 
There after we had cultural competition as part of celebration. The performances were very excellent n it was very tough for us to select the best. 
We distributed prizes for the winners in quiz,  caŕol and dance competitions. 
I have felicitated about 19  Catechists that came from ďifferent parishes n given them gifts to encourage them in their ministry.
Through this program I was able to gather so many Catholic youth n taught them the spirit of Christmas. 
It was a very meaningful celebration. The participants n audience, priests ( about 7 of them came ),
Were all filled already with the joy of Christmas. Thèy left my parish, after dinner, appreciating the event by 10.30pm. It was a very great day. We thank n praise the Lord. Amen.

Father Jaya visited the parish again in November 2015 and talked to us about his work. A number of parishioners continue to support the orphaned children with food, clothing and education,  and other help to the very poor in his parish.

On June 3rd 2015 Fr. Jaya wrote

Yes, the heat went up to 47 degrees and we were cooked up in the hot son.

On 31 May we had little shower and from the following day onward it continued to be same. We are looking forward for early monsoon.
I was busy in the month of MAY with two programs: 
1. Promoting devotions to Mother Mary as the month of May dedicated to her.
2. Bible classes to the youth of my parish and neighboring parishes
                              There are four sub-churches under my parish and I have got four statue of our lady and trained youth of the parish in reciting rosary, in each house ,carrying the statue of our lady. I was going round the villages one after the other.
By 28th of May we covered all the houses in all the villages reciting rosary.It was a new experience to all the people that rosary is recited in their houses, bringing  in the statue of Mother Mary.
From 29th to 31st of May I have conducted a three day bible classes for the youth of my parish and neighboring parishes. 132 students have attend the course and they expressed it was a great help for them learning about Bible. This.This was the second course that I have conducted. I have planned two training programs a year. 

On 31st May we had closing celebration of Marian month and Bible classes for which our bishop was invited to preside over the Eucharistic celebration.
Before the mass we took out a procession with the statue of our lady, from parish headquarters to  in the village and the other four villages joined at the center of the village carrying the statues from their villages, proceed to the church where we had mass.

It was grand and filled all the faithful with at most spiritual satisfaction. It was first of its kind and a new experience for all the people. During the homily bishop said” speaking about Bible classes and Marian month devotion, how nice, it would be if all the priest do like this”. 

With the above programs I was not able to go to town to check my mails, as I do not have access to net in my parish area.

Wishing you all good health and happiness

Fr.Jaya Madanu

Fr Jaya’s Christmas Letter Dec 2014

Fr Jaya Orphanage Appeal


On  May 2nd 2014 Fr Jaya wrote:

I have finished my term of office for 6 years as Rector of the Diocesan Seminary and Headmaster of the School and moved to a parish called St.Joseph’s Church, on 27th April-2014.
There are 3 sub-churches + 1 main parish church and a upper-primary school in the parish, run by Rev.Sisters.
 It is almost after 16 years that I am appointed as parish priest.  On 25th April-2014 I have entered in to 21 years of Priestly ordination.
 So far in all the given responsibilities I have done very successfully bring glory and honour to God Almighty, the one who has chosen me to be servant. Thanks to God for His abudant blessings for the last 20 years.
 Thanks to you also for your excellent cooperation.Looking forward for your continued patronage

On May 7th he wrote:

Thanks for your wishes and blessings for my 21st Ordination day….nearing to Silver Jubilee…  It begins with the new assignment as Parish Priest and I’m making a study of the parish situations before I plan up my vision for ministry. I’m sure and confident that I’ll be able to do well in attending to the spiritual and social needs of the people, with all the experiences of my past work- pastoral centre director, Social service centre director and Head master and Seminary Rector.
The priests who were appointed to work here earlier  worked hardly  2 or 3 years only, because of the best reasons known to them.
Must be because the people are very backword in all the areas of life, like : Education, social behaviour, below Poverty and are recent converts.

As I see now, there is a lot to do with them and good scope for Evangelisation. Please pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me in my planning of my mission and execute fruitfully, bringing Glory to God. Regarding supporting education of children, shall continue do it,
because it’s a special ministry taken up in the middly of 3rd year of my priesthood and I’m successfully doing it. So glad to see that some children as you know finished their education and settled in their lives.

Two of the students became Rev.Sisters [ Nuns ] and one student a priest. Now one more student is almost nearing to priesthood as he is in the final year of Theology and four students have completed studies and I blessed their marriages.

Recently i.e on 5th & 6th of this month, two of our diocesan candidates were ordained priests whom I have extended partial support. One brother has completed his Philosophy.  And last year I have taken up another student who is the son of catechist, aspiring to become a Priest.

And there are 18 students studying at different leves supported by our sponsorship program.

I am glad to tell you that I also support  financially a couple of priests and Catechists for their emergency needs like purchase of monthly provisions,kitchen utensils  and medicines etc. When I look back, it gives me a lot of satisfaction and contentment that we are able to stand by other in their needs.  It’s all in the holy name of Jesus Christ, bringing glory to Him alone, and am so happy that I am able to do all this with your generous support and I look forward for your continuous patronage.”


As well as running the Pius X Seminary and being the vocations director for his diocese, Fr. Jaya is the headmaster of the school at which the orphans he helps are some of the pupils. He writes:

“Our kids and I are also doing well. It gives me great happiness to tell you that our high school students got 1st , 2nd and 3rd places in the Bible quiz competitions held in view of year of faith.  Earlier they were selected to semi-finals from preliminaries  and from Semis to finals at latter stage. The finals of quiz was conducted on Oct.27th, in which first, second & third places are bagged by our school students. Our bishop has appreciated us very much saying ” Beretta High school is becoming a super school”, and sponsored ice- cream to all the students. They will be awarded prizes on Nov.20th, on the occasion of closing ceremony of year of faith. Yesterday [ 03.11.2013] I have taken them for picnic for a day of outing, as a kind of appreciation for working hard and bring laurels to our institution.  

God’s blessings.

Fr. Jaya


We have had the following message from Father Jaya in June 2013:
“Happy news about Venela [the girl sponsored by St. Joseph’s and St. Margaret Clitherow’s schools]. She has passed in SSC- School secondary examination for 2013. We are trying to getting an admission in J.M.J junior college, a college run by NUNS belonging to – Jesus Mary Joseph-congregation.
This year too our school bagged excellent results in SSC public examination. 

146 students appeared for the exams:

1 student :A1,
71 students secured A grade,
46 students B1 grade,
28 students B grade

Earlier in the month of Nov.-Dec 2013 some of our students appeared for International Olympiad informatics competitive examination, in which 2 of our students bagged 14 place, 1-student 110 place and another 113 place in international level, and 1st , 2nd and 14th place in State level. In the annual examination held in April 2013 all our children passed in all the subject, except one student by name Akhil- failed in 3 subjects but promoted to next class.
Five of the students will be joining College- Intermediate. Happy to note that they are excelling in their education with your kind support. Many..many..many thanks.May God bless all our donors. Possible I shall visit [Bracknell] in 2014.

With kind regards



The parish is currently collecting for the orphans and unsupported  children helped by Fr. Madanu Jaya in India. We would be grateful for new sponsors. Please leave in the office or shop, your name, address, and e-mail address, and cheque for £150 (or more if possible).to PRCDTR Bracknell St. Joseph marked “For Fr. Jaya” on the back. Everything given goes directly to his work. Nothing is spent on bureaucracy or advertising. All donations are very gladly received.


Fr.Jaya Madanu sends his his best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2013, and his very grateful thanks for our continuing support for his work. The help our parish gives is absolutely vital and very greatly appreciated.

Message from Fr. Jaya

Madasi Venela [the girl whom our Bracknell schools are sponsoring] has completed her IX standard. Next academic she will in X std. 

She is progressing well but needs lot of improvement in her academics.  She is healthy and feels confident.

Along with other children [ supported by us] she also came to stay with me for a week for vacation. Now she went to her grand mother’s house. I will be seeing them all in June again before they to go school and hostel. 

I was talking to you about Sumalatha. Yes, she became nun for the FMM congregation. She is the daughter of a Catechist from my first parish where I worked. He passed away three years back.

Presently she is giving her services in a convent school in Hyderabad. She came home for vacation. She came to see me on my 19 Priestly ordination day on 25th of April 12. She looks quite happy and in good spirit.


Fr. Jaya is the Rector of the Pius X Seminary and the Vocations Director for the Diocese of Wanrangal in Andhra Pradesh, India, as well as being the Headmaster of the school .

In 2012 the parish collected just over £7000, yes, seven thousand pounds, for Fr. Jaya’s work. This includes amounts of £150 each, sometimes more, from parishioners who sponsor a child’s whole education and upkeep for the school year. It was a terrific achievement , especially in the recession. Every penny is spent on Fr. Jaya’s work with orphaned or unsupported children: there is no advertising or bureaucracy.

I acknowledge the generosity of all the Parishioners, friends and our sponsors with sincere thanks. A big thanks to Fr.Chris My thanks also to Peter Hancock [our parish treasurer who organises the cheque].

These are some of the messages sent by Father Madanu Jaya to us in 2012.

6th June 2012
Am very glad to tell you that this year too our school achieved excellent results in SSC [10th] grade public examination.   4 students secured 98% and we have 100% results, while some students in other catholic schools , around us have failed. They could not achieve 100% results. Most happy news is that one of our hostel boy secured 97% for 100%.  Vennela [the girl supported jointly by our two schools] and other children were with me for some days during vacation. She is going to 10th class this year. Her sister Anusha [whom we supported earlier] got married on 30.05.’12 She must be now 18 years old. As they do not have parents, her uncles arranged her marriage. I am a bit unhappy about it. I had planned that she should study at least general

[We sent the cheque but were worried about it not having arrived.]

13 June 2012
Finally the cheque has arrived. This time it took almost a month, it’s unusual, Thank God, it’s safe. My sincere thanks also to every one for their marvelous generosity contributing towards the cause children’s education and other social needs of the poor in our ministry. We are very indebted to you all.
Your kindness will go a long way in the service of our Lord. Thank to one and all. My special thanks to Fr.Chris and council members.

[The cheque is sent via the Mother Teresa Rural Development Society.]

Fr.Julian Policetti, is a priest of Diocese of Nalgonda, our neighbouring diocese. He has started his own society [Mother Teresa rural development society], with FCR Account, as he is interested in women group development program, which I was doing in APSSS [Andhra Pradesh Social Services].  He has bought 50 acres of land to support his program and gets financial assistance from his friends in Germany, US and Holland. He is doing excellent work among women of his locality. I guess he is priest of 35-36 years.  

Thanks to Fr.Julian for his support and cooperation in our transactions and work.
[See http://www.mtrds.org/ ]

28 June 2012

Our children have arrived from vacation and now schools have started.  The books and stationary have been purchased and distributed to
children in three different boarding homes. I am also planning to buy some RICE bags and contribute them in a very short time.  The sisters in charge of the boarding homes are so happy with the support and assured you of their prayers. At our hostel, we inmates pray for the benefactors every day.


Dear friends in Christ,

Greetings and prayerful wishes to you all from Fr.Jaya Madanu, India.

Love of God and love of neighbor are two sides of the same coin. The way one understands, God determines the way he/she understands his/her fellow being. Prayer connects both the spheres. In a way, love of God and love of neighbor are one and the same.

Every Christmas fascinates me for its depth of meaning. The historical intervention of Jesus Christ through incarnation and the parousia – the second coming of Jesus. In it we see the infinite mercy and love of God. We find solidarity and forgiveness.

 Am very happy to mention that your act of generosity and solidarity with our children
and people, is truly in line with Christ’s teachings. We acknowledge with sincere hearts and extend our gratitude.

As advent opened up, reminding us about our spiritual preparation towards Christmas celebration, to celebrate God’s presence, very fervently pray that you all may be filled with love and infinite mercy. Let the love of God be the driving force of our life.

We appreciate your good work in supporting the education of the most deserving. We look forward for your continuous patronage. May the Baby Jesus shower his choicest blessings.

With love

Fr.Jaya Madanu


Our Parish has continued to support the work of Fr. Jaya in India.  In 2010  there were 17 sponsorships at £150 each of individual children’s education, which is very greatly appreciated. The parish in general also gave very generously, particularly considering the present
difficult financial situation,  so that  we were able to send a grand  total of £7000 to Fr. Jaya for all the educational and social work he organises. Some years ago we raised money to buy milch buffaloes to support the families of catechists, leaving them free to teach and educate, which was a great success.  We know that all the money we send is spent directly to help, since the system is in place and there is no need for bureaucracy or advertising. He sent the following letter of thanks:

Dear Fr.Chris, parishioners and Friends,

Greetings to you all from Fr.Jaya Madanu, India.

 At the out set,  I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the sponsors contributing towards the education of children here in India.

I am happy to say that all the students are doing well.  Now they are preparing for their half yearly examination to be held from Dec.14th to 22nd -2010. Then we have Christmas holidays until Jan.3rd- 2011.

 One boy studying Intermediate and a girl studying in 10th standard left the hostel. They are continuing their studies from home as their mother is a AIDS / HIV patient. Every month I have been supporting them by supply of provisions, medication to mother and educational expenses of these two students.

This year I have taken up three other students and giving complete support and four other students partial support for their education.

I am sure you will also be happy to get some information regarding the buffalo program. I have been in touch with the Catechists. They and their families are doing well and their children are also studying well. It was almost 8 years ago that they were given a buffalo. Some of them are getting additional income and 7 of them do not have any more as the buffalo got dried up. Here in India the time span of producing milk of a buffalo is between 8 to 10 years on average.

 I would like acknowledge with sincere thanks your concern towards education of the children and welfare of the Catechists. 

 “Giving is the secret of prosperity” – It is our sincere prayer to the almighty that He may bless you all abundantly and give good health
and happiness.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2011.

With kind regards to one and all

Fr.Jaya Madanu

Rector –  St.Pius X’ Seminary

Diocese of Warangal

This year we have raised in excess of £4,500 for Fr Jaya’s appeal.  This figure includes the 17 people who have individually sponsored a child.  Many thanks to all of you who donated your most generous contribution to this very worthwhile cause.

Father Madanu Jaya, of the Warangal Diocese in Andhra Pradesh in India, first visited Bracknell in July 2000.  He came again in October 2005 and June 2008.  We have supported in various ways the orphanages, schools, and social work  run by the Church in Warangal.  Several parishioners generously sponsor the education and upkeep of 17  boys and girls whose parents are dead or incapacitated.

In 2004 parishioners bought milch buffaloes to help support families whose breadwinners spent time spreading the gospel in country villages.

Father Jaya is now the Rector of the Seminary of Pope Pius X, Director of Vocations in the Diocese, and Headmaster of a large Catholic school, where standards have risen spectacularly under his leadership.  He has also, exactly like the legend of St. Nicholas, helped to raise a dowry for girls who under Indian customs could not afford to marry.  Our parish is happy to support his work, since we know that nothing needs to be spent on advertising or administration, so everything we give goes directly to the good work he does.