First Holy Communion
Are You Ready?

Dear Families                                                                                                                                                                                                              July 2018

Before you register your family for the First Holy Communion journey, please consider what ‘being ready’ really means. 

‘Being ready’ means that the person belongs to the community and has an active presence in the life and mission of the Church.  ‘Being ready’ means that they are trying their best to deepen their understanding of what they are asking for.  ‘Being ready’ means bearing the weight of the responsibility which each Sacrament lays upon the heart of those who receive it, precisely as a deeper commitment to the work of love, justice and peace.  ‘Being ready’ means struggling with us to live the love which lays downs its life for others. 

First Holy Communion is a journey of faith for children and their parents.  To begin with, it is strongly recommended that parents attend an Alpha course during the autumn.  There will be at least two Alpha courses running locally.  In addition, retreat days and evening events will be offered to help support your own faith formation before you begin the journey with your children. 

Attending Mass is an important part of the journey because families should be at the heart of the parish community.  Sunday Mass is also a great time for families to meet with their appointed catechist.  The children really enjoy getting to know other families in their group. 

Please note – there will be no separate First Holy Communion Masses next year.  Instead, families will discern with guidance from their catechist when they are ‘ready’.  The children will then attend their usual Sunday Mass with a simple celebration in the parish hall afterwards.  This means that the whole parish community will be part of this most joyful occasion. 

If you feel ready to register your interest, please click on the button below.  If however you feel that you need more information or guidance or just want to talk it through with someone, please contact our Director of Catechesis – Paula Read – by emailing catechesis@bracknellcatholicchurch.org